Our Story

Be it monotone chromes, geometric figures, abstract hues or frank realism, each of us hold an element of interest towards the artistic realm.

Art forms have evolved over the years and today we have different genres and streams. Gone are the days when artwork had to pass through the ring of fire. Impressionists and modernization have revolutionized art and made us more forgiving on how a piece of art should be. We have redefined the ingredients that go into a masterpiece and have come to terms with the fact that Art is an expression of the person behind, that we needn't put a leash on it.

That said, a large crowd of us are still on one side of that unfinished bridge waiting for that overrated understanding of art before procuring it.

Emorart connects you to Art. We provide an online platform for artists and talented persona to showcase their work for the many art lovers out there.

Our mission is to bridge admirers to talent across the globe.

Who are we?

A dollop of creativity, a stroke of idea with a dab of marketing on a palette of immense talent, EmorArt is here to color your senses and deck your walls!

We speak art and we are here to make that available at your fingertips!

Anjana Deepak

A doctor turned entrepreneur, after spending years in medical education and career,
decided to pursue her passion for art .

"Paintings have always eluded me. The vibrant images across illustrations, in the many books I turned pages as a toddler, stuck to my mind giving forth to my love of art. I used to wonder how the swirl of a dress fold looked so real and palpable, how the brush strokes created an illusion of light and dark and spent many an hour trying to create the same. Little did I know then that my childhood fascination will stay on in the years to come.

Anjana Deepak